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Dangerous levels of dust can be generated in unexpected places in mines. World mining occupational diseases are increasing, class action lawsuits for workers are more frequent, and the cost to manage dust exposure is rising. Existing methods to monitor dust-related exposure are not sufficient and regulations are not keeping pace.

These industry dynamics have driven many leading mining companies around the globe to act. By leveraging advanced real-time monitoring techniques, connected dust monitors, and HSE 4.0 automation these trends can be reversed and possibly eliminated as part of a comprehensive exposure reduction program. State of the art personal, wearable, real-time monitoring solutions from Nanozen coupled with effective controls and PPE can be combined to help lower both health and financial risks. 

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Understanding occupational exposures in real-time will enable our operational teams to better manage exposures to protect the long-term health of our workforce. We believe Nanozen has the products to help us achieve that.

Corrine Balcaen - CIH

Director of Occupational Health & Hygiene - Teck Mining

Silica Dust Monitorinig solutions that will assist you

  • Nanozen has created a shift solution/remote operation for users of its products.  It consists of two elements, an automated start and stop mode for a shift, and automated download of data across a network to files on a computer or network. This automated monitoring solution is part of Nanozen’s HSE 4.0 functionality.  
  • Custom Dust Analysis offered by Nanozen improves the real-time accuracy of dust monitoring in special areas of the mine where the dust varies in properties from Arizona Road Dust. A mine can send its own dust from around drilling locations, conveyors, crushers, and processors. Our services team can analyze the dust and imbed a custom dust into the DustCount which can be selected from a pull-down menu in the DustCount’s desktop User Interface or mobile application. Custom dust profiles result in highly accurate dust readings for workers when mining dust does not approximate ARD properties.
  • For those wanting near-real-time silica percentage, a portable FTIR device, such as from Agilent can be combined with the DustCount’s built-in dust collection filter and the NIOSH FAST software. With this solution an IH can analyze the filter within a couple of minutes.  In addition, in areas where the silica percentage doesn’t vary too much, the silica percentage can be input into the DustCount monitor for highly accurate silica readings. 
  • EVADE software is a NIOSH designed system that allows real-time video to be synchronized with real-time dust data to allow a hygienist or HSE to undertake exposure mapping and determine where trouble spots exist so they can design mitigation strategies to prevent or lower exposure. A web cam is worn by the worker along with the DustCount to capture both video and data in real-time. EVADE will synchronize the video and data files using timestamps. The IH or HSE can then watch what the worker is doing during exposure peaks.

Teck Case Study - Real-Time Monitoring Inside Haul Truck Cabs

Learn how Teck is using Nanozen’s cutting-edge dust monitoring technology and making data-driven decisions to reduce employee dust exposure, and improve occupational health and safety. 

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Selected by 4 of the top 15 mining companies worldwide, Nanozen’s Dustcount is ideally suited for mining applications. Contact Nanozen to learn more about our mining use cases and intrinsic safe products. 

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