Dangerous silica dust can be generated in casting, pouring, de-molding, cast finishing, sand blasting, and cleaning the floors. Worker’s risks to respirable silica is dependent on the tasks they are completing and how close their breathing zone is to the dust source. Exposure to respirable silica can cause long-term health issues for workers such as silicosis, or cancer.


Silica Dust Monitoring

DustCount can be easily used to monitor different worker’s exposure levels based upon their individual tasks and locations but can also be used by an Industrial Hygienist to define zones of the foundry that have levels of respirable silica above regulatory exposure limits. Implemented engineering controls can be tested to check their effectiveness quickly using the DustCount.

Unlike competitive products which are bulky and complex, we found the DustCount to be intuitive, truly wearable and easy enough to be used by non-IH staff. Nanozen’s product appears to be designed by someone who really understands IH and what hygienists need in the field.

Brian Harms, P.E., CIH

Project Manager, TRC Environmental Corp.

Application Note

Learn how Nanozen’s DustCount personal wearable monitors can be used in a foundry to monitor workers throughout an 8 hour shift.