DustCount 9000

The DustCount 9000 is our very popular lightweight, direct-reading Optical Particle Counter. It is available in both Intrinsic Safe and non-IS versions. The 9000 combines the advantages of real-time dust monitoring with a built-in filter cassette for sample composition analysis and HSE 4.0 networking for effective efficient dust monitoring. The 9000 supports interchangeable impactors for PM 2.5, PM 4, and PM 10.

Nanozen DustCount 9000

DustCount 9000 Product Overview

Real-time personal dust sampling for silica, coal, metal or wood dust
Compact size, light weight and no cyclone encourages workers to wear it
Optical Particle Counting laser technology rarely requires re-calibration
Can be customized for special pure dust types such as coal and pharmaceuticals
Automated operation reduces the effort for the Hygienist & safety staff
Full range of detection & alarms allows one instrument to handle the job
Rugged design and certified Intrinsic-Safe (optional) allows it to be used in harsh areas.

DustCount Compliance and Certifications

Familiar built-in standard 25 mm filter in cassette for touchless post analysis
Wireless control and data management for field work and HSE 4.0
Included PC software to control the device and analyse/graph data
App for Android smartphone or tablet allows in-field analysis and control
Offers many features to allow automation of sampling and real-time networking of results

DustCount 9000 Features

Weighs 1 lb (.5kg), 4 x 5 inches clips on belt or in vest pocket
Minimum 12-hour battery life, special shift monitoring mode
On-board memory for 6+ months worth of data.
USB cable or Bluetooth wireless interfaces to PC or field device.
Self-adjusting air flow rate, no user action required
1L/min flow rate with +/- 5% accuracy
PM 2.5 environmental, PM 4 respirable, and PM 10 impactors
Settable detection and alarms for PEL, STEL, and TWA monitoring.
Maintenance alerts for battery, pump, filter, and impactor
Audible and visual alarms for worker exposure mitigation.
Data output in CSV files for NA and European formats, or Excel format.

DustCount 9000 Sample Filter

Built-in cassette with a removable standard PTFE or PVC 25 mm filter.
Cassettes can be pre-loaded, pre-weighed and analysed by accredited labs
Filters can be selected for gravimetric analysis, or composition analysis.
Filters can be analysed using portable FTIR for silica content.
User can enter gravimetric coefficient information from filter analysis
Dust can be analysed and selectable dust types can be imbedded in the unit
IMG_9383 - GH

Nanozen Desktop Software

Allows the user to connect to and control up to 128 DustCount units
Configure the DustCount date, time, mode of operation, sample frequency
Set the alarm thresholds for PEL, STEL, and TWA
Set the start and stop times for sampling with shift management mode
Enter a gravimetric or dust related co-efficient for increased accuracy
Has a dashboard to monitor operational status, sample values, and alarm status
Download and save data to either .csv or native Excel format one sample per line
Generate and save graphs for mass concentration and particle size distribution data in .png format
Download and graph mass concentration and particle size distribution data in real-time
Observe PEL, STEL, and TWA in real-time graphs

Feature Descriptions

Direct Graphing

Enables a PC user to graph any 2 of the following 7 columns in the collected log data: Mass Concentration, Moving Window Average Mass Concentration, Count Concentration, Internal Temperature, Ambient Pressure and Battery State of Charge.

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Moving Window Average

The mass concentration Moving-Window Average (MWA) is the average of a pre-set number of previous log mass concentration readings. The logging period set by the user plus the number of logs that are averaged determines the size of the Moving-Window in minutes.

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Particle Distribution

Nanozen's DustCount combines the advantages of real-time dust monitoring with the ability to do the standard method, all in the industry's smallest and lightest optical particle counter. The DustCount also provides particle distribution on every sample.

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Application Notes

Silica Pouring

Using Nanozen's DustCount to test worker exposure during a silica dust pouring operations.

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DustCount Consumables

Learn about consumables used with Dustcount, their use and recommended vendors and replacement schedules.

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Factory Worker

Monitoring worker silica exposure to dangerous dust over an 8-hour shift in a typical factory setting.

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In the Box

Laminated Quick-start guide in the lid
Calibration Certificate
DustCount Unit with cap
Installed cassette assembly including backing pad and sample filter
Impactor assembly of the customer’s choice (PM 2.5, PM 4 or PM 10)
USB stick containing documentation, UI software and How-To videos
Anti-static breathing tube with lapel clip
Lithium Ion battery with safety protection circuit for worry free air or ground transport
USB charger with overcharge protection
USB cable for data transfer to PC
HEPA filter, impactor oil & cassette removal key

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