Forestry / Wildfire

Wildfires in North America, Europe and the Amazon, bushfires in Australia and grass fires worldwide. The smoke and airborne particulate from these large-scale burnings brings dangerous health risks for workers in the smoke-shadow of these fires that don’t normally wear Personal Protection Equipment on the job. This includes utility crews, construction workers, road crews, environmental workers, and remediation specialists.

Stationary Monitor Limitations

Stationary environmental (PM2.5) monitors are often deployed in towns and cities to monitor air quality. However, these monitors are usually far removed from the employees in forestry, utilities, transportation, construction, municipal services, and other industries that work outdoors in the smoke shadow of wildfires. How can employers and employees know when it is safe to work and when to stop?

8866 FSE

Nanozen took it’s popular 8866 PM 2.5 product and through special calibration created a real-time monitor tuned specifically for wildfire/bushfire smoke. The FireSmoke Edition offers workers and their employers a proven solution which is deployed and in-use today by utility workers and remediation crews across North America. 

Application Note

If you are interested in learning more, we recommend you download our application note on Worker Dust Monitoring for BushFire/WildFire protection.