Products Overview

Nanozen designs, develops and manufactures all our products from our headquarters in Vancouver Canada.

Our goal is to make it so easy and effective to monitor dangerous dust that no worker or company in the world would forego this simple but highly effective form of exposure prevention. We aim to dramatically reduce the toll on human health due to dust exposure.

Our world-class team includes PhDs in particle science, lasers/optics, and sensor design, along with some of the brightest graduate designers from all over the world in flow dynamics, digital signal processing, aerosol calibration, and digital communications.

DustCount 9000

DustCount 8899

DustCount 8866

Designed by Hygienists & Occupational Health Experts

Nanozen’s DustCount product line strives to be the best in the world for monitoring hazardous dust effectively and efficiently.

Our solutions include:

  1. The DustCount monitor.
  2. Supporting accessories : impactor, cassettes, and mounting strap.
  3. Solutions based on customers’ needs with special software, applications, and services tailored to industry and other markets.
  4. Complementary products that help provide a holistic solution. For example: Portable FTIR for silica analysis, NIOSH software to assist field work
  5. Fantastic support: Our experts are here to help you overcome challenges so you can be confident in your decision to purchase a Nanozen product!

Our Founder, Dr. Winnie Chu, who experienced worker conditions as a young worker in a factory, is adamant that we can change the world in a positive way and reduce worker occupational illnesses.