Particulate Sampling and Analysis Search

Nanozen’s internal 25 mm filter can potentially be used to conduct sampling and analysis for the following OSHA and NIOSH reference methods. Please read the method carefully and select the appropriate filter materials for specific analysis. For detailed information, or if you have questions our in-house Industrial Hygienist here to help. 

wdt_IDSubstanceCAS NumberOSHA MethodNIOSH Method
1Acid Blue 92650-18-2Acid Blue 9 [PV2129] Partially Validated
2Acid Blue 93844-45-9Acid Blue 9 [PV2129] Partially Validated
3Aluminum7429-90-5Aluminum [ID-121] Fully Validated7300
7Anthracene120-12-7Anthracene [58] Fully Validated5506
9Antimony7440-36-0Antimony [ID-121] Fully Validated7300
10Antimony7440-36-0Antimony [ID-125G] Fully Validated7301