Working closely with our customers is at the heart of our success and Nanozen’s DNA. We understand that your industry and needs are unique and we endeavor to develop solutions and services that meet or exceed your requirements. Whether you need a custom dust profile or tailored training for your employees, our service team is staffed by a dedicated group of industrial hygienists, engineers and service professionals who are committed to delivering the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Custom Dust Profile

Particle counters are typically calibrated to Arizona Road Dust (ARD) which is sufficiently accurate when monitoring mixed dusts and dust containing silica (including rocks, cements and sands). 

However when the optical properties or density of the dust of interest is vastly different from ARD then custom calibration is necessary. 

Nanozen has developed customer specific dust profiles for a wide range of companies. Whether you need a custom profile for mining dust, fire smoke, or some other particulate that is not well approximated by ARD, Nanozen’s service team can create a custom dust profile that will ensure accurate and optimal readings specific to your unique needs.

Note: Each DustCount has the ability to store up to 10 dust profiles in addition to Arizona Road Dust (ARD). 

NIOSH Science Blog : The Use of Real-time Respirable Dust Monitors

Not sure about the need for a custom dust profile? NIOSH found that without pre-calibrating a real-time monitor with specific dust of interest, Arizona Road Dust (ARD) could yeild error rates of 15-50%. Click the button to the right to read the complete NIOSH article.  

Training Services

Whether you are an industrial hygenist or health and safety officer, our remote or classroom training will help you quickly become proficient in the DustCount particulate monitors, desk top software and operating procedures. Let our expert trainers help get your plant up and running quickly so you can maximize the benefits of real-time particulate monitoring. 

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