DustCount 8866 & FSE

For PM 2.5 and FireSmoke applications, the DustCount 8866 combines the advantages of real-time dust monitoring with the ability to do the standard method all in a compact, lightweight package.

Product Overview

Fits in vest pocket or clips to belt
10-hour battery life with 2 hour recharge
Automated pump flow rate control, no user action required
8866 for monitoring PM2.5 environmental conditions
UL/CSA approved
Audible and visual alarms
Non-volatile memory stores 6 months of data
8866-FSE with special calibration for fire smoke

Real-time Features

As an Optical Particle Counter (OPC) the DustCount counts the number and size of respirable dust particles in real-time
Detects and displays the average mass concentration in real-time for PEL
Detects a moving average mass concentration window for STEL
Provides real-time information on the particle size distribution over the fraction of the particle size range
0.5L/min flow rate with +/- 5% accuracy
Weighs 1 lb (.5kg), 4 x 5 inches clips on belt or in vest pocket
USB cable or Bluetooth wireless interfaces to PC or field device
Data output in CSV files for NA and European formats, or Excel format.
Comes with PM 2.5 impactor

Feature Descriptions

Direct Graphing

Enables a PC user to graph any 2 of the following 7 columns in the collected log data: Mass Concentration, Moving Window Average Mass Concentration, Count Concentration, Internal Temperature, Ambient Pressure and Battery State of Charge.

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Moving Window Average

The mass concentration Moving-Window Average (MWA) is the average of a pre-set number of previous log mass concentration readings. The logging period set by the user plus the number of logs that are averaged determines the size of the Moving-Window in minutes.

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Particle Distribution

Nanozen's DustCount combines the advantages of real-time dust monitoring with the ability to do the standard method, all in the industry's smallest and lightest optical particle counter. The DustCount also provides particle distribution on every sample.

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Application Notes

Silica Pouring

Using Nanozen's DustCount to test worker exposure during a silica dust pouring operations.

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DustCount Consumables

Learn about consumables used with Dustcount, their use and recommended vendors and replacement schedules.

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Factory Worker

Monitoring worker silica exposure to dangerous dust over an 8-hour shift in a typical factory setting.

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