New Silica regulation standard. Are you ready?


DustCount 8899 – Respirable Dust Monitor

  • Extremely easy to use, automated pump control and calibration
  • Lightweight; hold in one hand, clip on belt or put in vest pocket
  • Web enabled control interface, no difficult buttons or sequences
  • Highly accurate; test readings within seconds
  • Measures respirable dust < 4 micron
  • Particle counts and mass concentration
  • Post sample analysis capability
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In my analysis of our silica dust issues, the ability to combine the visual data of the real-time monitoring with the XRD and gravimetric analysis of a sample of the actual dust being monitored allowed me to create specific, focused solutions for our silica dust situation.

Pete, CIH Infrastructure Hygienist, Construction (silica)

Real-time data, on a standard Excel spreadsheet graph, gave me the visual, quantitative, information that I needed to get the attention of senior management to spend money to resolve the silica issues in the plant. It gained me a seat at the table to participate in the decision-making process.

Brenda, CIH Senior Industrial Hygienist, Mining

Real-time monitoring was pivotal to pinpoint our silica dust problem areas in the factory and for me to identify the time of day and exact devices that were the root cause of the problem.

Brian, CIH, Senior OHS Industrial Consultant

The compact and lightweight Personal Wearable device seemed to resonate well with the workers. In the past workers have removed their devices because they were too heavy or too cumbersome to wear. This one is the right combination of a quality feel and a light compact form.

Mike, CIH, Factory Safety Manager

Real-time data was extremely valuable in the worker training process. When they could see the dust data visually, as it happened, they were much more aware of the danger that they were in and retained that caution in future.

Carol, Senior Safety Manager, Regulatory

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