DustCount 8899

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.57.25 PM
  • Measures respirable dust < 4 micron
  • Dual display; particle counts and mass concentration
  • Highly accurate; test readings within seconds
  • Extremely easy to use, automated pump control and calibration
  • Lightweight; hold in one hand, clip on belt or put in vest pocket
  • Automatic data logging of all results, easily accessed
  • Low maintenance effort; long life pump and battery
  • Web enabled control interface, no difficult buttons or sequences
  • Post sample analysis capability

Highly accurate, real-time, wearable particle detectors represent the next, emerging standard for workplace analysis, worker protection, timely corrective action, and long-term policy development. Nanozen’s DustCount 8899 fills this demand. Small, lightweight, and designed to be worn by workers during their shift, the DustCount 8899 includes a real-time display, detecting and logging exposure data for particle concentration in workplace air.

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