Founded in 2007, Nanozen Industries Inc. pioneers innovative approaches to aerosol exposure analysis for industrial workplace environments. Nanozen’s mission is to build, test, and market leading edge technologies that drive new, emerging standards for workplace analysis, worker protection and timely corrective action in the Occupational Health and Safety industry. Know the air your breathe!




Peter joined Nanozen in 2014 as Director and CEO. An expert in building new products and product companies since 1990, Peter has worked in all facets of the technology sector, including product development, manufacturing, marketing, product management, and standards innovation. Peter holds a B.ASc in Electrical Engineering from Canada’s University of Waterloo


Founder and CTO

 Dr. Winnie Chu, Founder and CTO – Nanozen was founded by Dr. Winnie Chu, a former faculty member at the University of British Columbia and an expert in nanosensor technology. Dr. Chu spent her early career conducting compliance-based sampling and analysis for the detection and prevention of workplace exposure to damaging aerosols and air-borne particulates. Her client base included environmental agencies, occupational agencies, and industrial organizations. Recognizing a pressing need to improve on detection practices and technologies, Dr. Chu turned her efforts towards the design and fabrication of affordable, wearable, and highly accurate sensors that deliver immediate, real-time results across a diverse mix of environmental and occupational applications. Dr. Chu currently serves on the environmental sensor review panel at the US National Science Foundation.



  • Top 10 finalist selected among 160 companies in the BC New Ventures Competition sponsored by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC).
  • Won the Vancity Social Venture Prize for a top performing venture that has, as part of its purpose, a strong social or environmental mission; and that creates shared value to the local community and society at large..
  • Won the City Innovation Prize for the top performing venture with a primary market or potential primary market of city departments and/or agencies.
2014 BCIC New Ventures - 186-2